How programmatic technology is disrupting media


I bought My Little Pony books for my little nieces online years ago and ever since I’ve been saddled with a little pony fanatic label on many web sites. How do I make it stop!!?? Every day, products are finding unsuspecting consumers at every turn during their daily online interactions. It used to be that if […]

Less doing, more creating: How automation can drive media success

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Perhaps the lowliest job at American newspapers – the one nearly every cub reporter has done at some point – is writing obituaries. Using information provided by the funeral homes, reporters plug in names, dates and a few biographical details into a strict format. As newbies quickly learn, accuracy is key – you don’t want to […]

Why you may want to rethink your Internet ad-blocker

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Let’s face it: Ads on the Internet are annoying. Interstitials – those full screen ads that require several seconds of attention before you can get where you really want to go – greet us at nearly every website these days. Then there’s the annoying square ads that cover the text you’re reading, until you locate […]

Data do or data don’t? Privacy vs. possibility for big data in media

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Subscriber databases. Nielsen ratings. Media companies are no stranger to collecting and using data to make enterprise decisions. But in today’s data-rich and -prized world, the possibilities are nearly endless. Media companies now employ data scientists to oversee data collection, inform product marketing and content creation and improve search engine optimization and social media engagement, […]