Is technology severing the human connection in the workplace?


So many new technologies have emerged in the past decade — and so many more are in the process of emerging — that it’s easy to miss larger trends amid this constant stream of new devices, collaboration platforms, cloud-based services, and other products of the digital era that are transforming the workplace. But they are […]

Even the best remote collaboration tools are useless without effective team leadership


I’ve written a lot over the past few years about workplace collaboration and how the right technology tools can help enable enterprise teams to be productive, no matter where various members are located. And while it’s vitally important to choose collaboration platforms that best enable productivity, successful collaboration among colleagues who are working here, there […]

Environnement de travail : bientôt sans bureau ?


Plus de mobilité et de télétravail : la tendance en entreprise ne montre aucun signe d’essoufflement, tant que les employés aspirent à plus de flexibilité quant aux lieux et horaires de travail. Un peu moins d’un employé sur trois (32%) – et moins d’un tiers des employés de la génération Y (27%) –  passent la totalité […]

Splendid isolation or lonely hell? The dual reality of working remotely


I’ve been working from home for almost 20 years as a technology and healthcare writer/editor. While it’s second nature to me now, at first I struggled with the isolation. Granted, you can isolate yourself in many workplaces, at least if you have headphones or an office with a door. But you still can walk down […]

How digital detachment corrodes workplace culture


We take it for granted now, but digital and mobile technologies have dramatically transformed – and even redefined – the workplace. No longer is it assumed that the vast majority of employees must gather at a physical headquarters or satellite office to do their jobs. Today’s enterprise employees increasingly are able to be productive from […]

Workplace of the future may not have an actual workplace


The trend toward an increasingly mobile and remote work force shows no sign of stopping as employees demand flexibility in where and when they do their jobs. Fewer than one in three employees (32%) — and even fewer Millennial employees (27%) — spent all of their working hours this year in their organization’s physical office, […]

Sin esto, su estrategia de movilidad se estancará

Ya resulta raro encontrar alguna empresa que no haya adoptado la tecnología móvil, como forma de aumentar la productividad de sus empleados y la agilidad general del negocio. Con el acceso de los trabajadores vía móvil a los datos empresariales y a los servicios de back-end, las organizaciones favorecen la labor de sus empleados, desde […]

Les pistes à suivre pour que votre stratégie mobile ne batte pas de l’aile

Rares sont de nos jours les entreprises qui n’exploitent pas le filon de la technologie mobile pour faire croître la productivité de leurs employés et rendre leur activité plus agile. En facilitant l’accès des employés aux données et services professionnels depuis leurs smartphones, les entreprises leur permettent de travailler à n’importe quel moment, depuis n’importe […]

Without this, your mobile strategy will sputter and stall

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It’s the rare enterprise that isn’t embracing mobile technology as a way to increase employee productivity and overall business agility these days. By allowing workers to access enterprise data and back-end services from their smartphones, companies enable workers to do their jobs anywhere and at anytime. But the number of connected devices these workers routinely use has increased […]