How Our Life Sciences Strategy Puts Clients at the Center and Reinforces Commitment to Best-of-Breed Solutions

The opportunity to spend time with clients at our annual Client Conference is an enormous privilege. The conversations I had there reinforced for me the importance of the activities we support for our life sciences products and services clients, and reminded me why life sciences is a key business for DXC. Since the Client Conference, […]

Secure in the Cloud: What You Need to Know About the Cloud Before Taking the Plunge – Part 2

As the life sciences industry is discovering, the cloud presents many opportunities for improvement enabled by fast deployment, delivery and scaling of IT resources, but that doesn’t detract from some nervousness – whether valid or not. By Dawn Waite, Manager, Life Sciences in the Cloud In my last blog I spoke about concerns over validation […]

How IDMP Might Be the Catalyst to Achieving RIM Nirvana … with a Little Help from Your Friends

The life sciences industry is being propelled toward a compelling event: the advent of regulations concerning Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP). Granted, there’s uncertainty about what it will look like or even when it will be implemented, but it remains imperative that companies are ready. By Paul Attridge, Life Sciences Product Director, CSC At its […]

Mapping the Journey to Big Data Efficiency

There have been numerous conversations lately about Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) and what life sciences organizations will need to do to prepare for the standards. The fact is that IDMP is just around the corner (July 2016) and so organizations need to consider how to start or continue their journey, and what approaches make […]

Module 1 Changes Bring Marketing and Regulatory Closer, But Disparities Need to be Managed

Last month some of my colleagues and I attended the DIA’s annual eRegulatory and Intelligence Annual Conference. It was an opportunity to hear about regulatory developments and talk to thought leaders about the changing regulatory environment. On the afternoon of day 1, senior FDA staff members offered an update. In particular, I’d like to focus […]

Taking RIM to a Whole New Level

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Why a Strategic Approach Delivers Returns for the Whole Enterprise By John Bell, Industry General Manager and Americas Leader, CSC Life Sciences What I’ve being hearing lately from executives across the United States is that Regulatory Information Management (RIM) is taking on a strategic importance in their organizations as it evolves to drive both efficiency […]

Why Capital-Efficient Innovation Is About More than Software: A Hands-on Experience

  The world as the life sciences industry once knew it has changed completely. Companies are facing new pressures to get more innovative drugs to market faster and at lower prices. This is driving an increased need for capital-efficient innovation that for life sciences is about developing innovation strategies that address key areas, such as […]