The 5 tech improvements banks and other financial institutions will need to maintain AML compliance

anti money laundering

Banks have been focused on identifying and preventing money laundering and terrorist financing for about two decades, using both manpower and technology. While banks have worked to combat perpetrators’ increasingly sophisticated tactics, regulators have identified needed improvements in overall process management and end reporting. The major technology improvements required by banks and financial institutions to […]

El futuro de la gestión del riesgo tecnológico: ágil y proactivo

La gestión IT en una empresa siempre ha sido sinónimo de gestión del cambio, y también se relaciona con la gestión del riesgo. Pero la disrupción no ha llegado nunca tan rápido como en la última década. Y no parece que vaya a parar. Es más, el ritmo y el alcance del cambio tecnológico sólo […]

The future of technology risk management: Agile and proactive


Managing enterprise technology always has been synonymous with managing change, which also is about managing risk. But never has change come as fast or as disruptively as over the past decade. And there’s no letup in sight. In fact, the pace and scope of technology change will only intensify in the future, so much so […]

The three realities of ICT security all senior executives must accept

My colleagues and I are often asked by senior executives how they can make sure their organisation’s data is secure from loss. Security professionals know better than to ask, but they sometimes place false trust in tools that promise greater visibility or better defences. They also often ask us how they can make better sense […]