Cinco claves para el éxito de la automatización inteligente

La integración de la automatización inteligente en los procesos de negocio puede reducir sus costes, mejorar la eficiencia y acelerar el tiempo de comercialización en todo el mundo. Pero se necesita una planificación inteligente para lograr beneficios. Al seguir estos cinco pasos, las empresas pueden simplificar el proceso y emprender un camino con la automatización […]

Les 5 clés de succès de l’automatisation intelligente


Automatiser intelligemment ses processus métier peut réduire les coûts, améliorer l’efficacité et réduire le time-to-market. A condition de bien le planifier. Voici cinq mesures pour le faire. Définissez clairement votre mission. Pour chaque projet d’automatisation, précisez bien la vision et concentrez-vous sur la mission. Il est important que vous définissiez exactement ce que vous essayez […]

Five keys to intelligent automation success


Embedding intelligent automation into business processes can reduce costs, improve efficiency and speed time-to-market to businesses worldwide. But it takes intelligent planning to effectively reap the rewards. By taking these five steps, enterprises can cut through the noise and be on the path to intelligent automation success. Clearly define your mission. With any kind of […]

Your workforce should be re-skilled, not replaced


Intelligent technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and neural networks already are a part of many enterprises and are expected to radically transform the workplace. But a survey of enterprise leaders at MIT Technology Review‘s recent EmTech Next conference shows that more than half of organizations aren’t adequately prepared for a future in which […]

La evolución de la IA: 7 cosas que hemos aprendido para implementarla eficazmente

La inteligencia artificial es uno de los principales temas de interés en el sector tecnológico y en las empresas  en este momento. Es interesante por su capacidad de ofrecer más beneficios al mismo tiempo  –ya sean de experiencia del cliente, de mejora de la productividad, coherencia o reducción del tiempo que comportan los procesos-. Machine […]

Think complex processes can’t be automated with RPA? Think again

Over the last eight years I’ve read through methodologies, use cases and capabilities and above all – watched robotic process automation (RPA) grow as a solution. I’ve never written anything about RPA so I thought it pertinent for my first-ever blog to write about something close to my heart: complex processes in the context of […]

The evolution of AI: 7 lessons learned for effective implementation

Robot teaching robot students

Artificial intelligence is one of the main topics of focus in the technology sector and in boardrooms at the moment. Its attraction comes in its ability to drive multiple benefits in parallel – whether enhancing customer experience, improving productivity, greater consistency or reducing time to process. Machine learning, deep learning, visual recognition, natural language processing […]

The evolution of AI: Will it automate everything we do?

robot toy stands on the oppresed

Society has been through several changes from the industrial through to the information revolution. And with each comes the inevitable question, “Are we putting ourselves out of a job?” With artificial intelligence (AI) technologies taking step-change leaps in capabilities and accuracy, there is a lot of talk about whether AI is the next “job killer.” […]

Unlock your business processes using a powerful combination of robotics and AI

By Dick Steiner When it comes to business processes, what you can’t see can hurt your organization. And what you can’t see turns out to be a lot. In the normal course of operations, every business generates a huge amount of what’s known as “dark data.” This data, generated by core business systems, is normally […]

RPA: Perfect excuse, tech phenomenon or a real game-changer?


Throughout the last few years, Robotics Process Automation (RPA) was touted as a universal cure for many shared services and BPO branch vulnerabilities. It was billed as a cheap platform that was easy to deploy, scale and deliver, and required no special knowledge to get things done. Vendors propagated their marketing message well enough that […]