How to get more business value from your cloud investment


Is your organization looking to get more business value from its investments in the cloud? Join the club. While there’s no universal approach for moving to the cloud, there are many proven ways to get the most value. These include approaching the cloud not as a technology move, but as a business decision. This makes […]

Enterprises ignore mobile user research at their own peril

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If there’s one cardinal rule regarding enterprise mobility, it is this: User experience tops all other priorities and metrics. It doesn’t matter how well-designed developers think the mobile app they created is, nor does it matter how enthusiastic the CEO is about a given mobile app. In the end, success or failure of an app […]

What CIOs should know about the buyer journey

You’re stuck in a conference room with a bunch of sales and marketing types discussing how they’re looking to use their new marketing technology toys to drive incremental revenue and keep the promises they made to you about ROI. You want to contribute to the conversation but then it turns to the “customer/buyer journey,” and […]

Measuring the ROI of mobile apps

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Developing mobile applications can be a tremendously costly proposition for enterprises. Thus it’s critical that apps developed in-house at great expense deliver a solid return on investment. But how can the ROI for a mobile app be measured? According to Madison Moore over at SD Times (the SD stands for software development), there are ways. The key […]

Do this to increase the visibility of smart city initiatives

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In my recent international travels, I’ve made an effort to ask common citizens why they think their cities deserve the recognition of being among the smartest in the world. Residents of Barcelona, Amsterdam and Dublin were perplexed that their city was even given such recognition, and most had no idea what a smart city was in […]

Determining the value of enterprise data

Volumes have been written about the return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO) of enterprise data deployments. Virtually every vendor has an analytical tool or calculator that spits out attractive PowerPoint charts about how much savings or efficiency a data initiative will bring to a company. But I’m constantly shocked, in my dealings with corporate leadership, […]

Does analytics improve the customer experience? Only if you do it right

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New data from Forbes Insights shows that analytics is delivering improved customer experiences to the vast majority of enterprises currently trying to leverage data for competitive gain. As eMarketer reports, “29 percent of executives worldwide who currently use data analytics have seen a significant shift across the board in their ability to deliver superior customer […]

Enterprise mobility: Ignore the true TCO at your peril

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Many IT pros are “dangerously unrealistic” about the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their mobile initiatives, concludes a new study based on a survey of 1,000 IT professionals in the U.S. and UK. “Typical perceptions of TCO are a simple equation of the ‘Device + Plan.’ This is grossly inadequate,” according to the study […]

Turns out this big data analytics stuff works

Big data has great potential for enterprises.

Nearly three-quarters of enterprises that report having big data projects say their analytics projects are paying off, a new CompTIA survey shows. The non-profit IT certification and education organization’s “Big Data Insights and Opportunities” report shows that slightly more than half of respondents (51%) say their enterprises have launched a big data initiative. And how […]

For internal business apps, it’s all about rapid deployment

As enterprises struggle to leverage mobile technology faster than their competitors, there is increasing pressure on developers to crank out apps. That’s what’s behind the rise of DevOps and cloud-based development; the desire to shorten the development process. But is development speed really the point? Computerworld contributor Jack Gold argues that, in the case of […]