5 things you need to do to scale robotic process automation


Raise your hand if you have deployed one or more robots in your operations. Good. Now raise your hand if you have deployed one hundred or more robots. Not there yet? No worry, as that is currently the situation in most businesses. With robotic process automation (RPA) pilots almost everywhere, creating industrial scale has emerged […]

How to prepare your enterprise for the arrival of artificial intelligence


Is your enterprise machine ready? If it isn’t, you need to act. Make no mistake, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies – such as machine learning (ML) and robotic processing automation (RPA) – are coming and coming fast. In this article and the two that follow, I will provide some thoughts about the impacts these new technologies […]

How automation can benefit telecoms


The telecom industry has been in the middle of a transformation. In the decade ahead the telecoms will completely embed automation into the DNA of their operations. Automation in the telecom industry started decades ago and has evolved with every innovation along the way: from rotary pulse phones to tone-based; from manual switchboards to high-speed […]

Robotic process automation: You might be doing it wrong


Robotic process automation (RPA) has the potential to save companies significant amounts of money by shifting mundane, repetitive tasks, such as data extraction or data translation, from humans to robotic software agents.  In fact, the McKinsey Global Institute estimates that half of the activities that workers are currently paid $15 trillion in wages to perform […]

Hybrid digital workforce: The future way of working


There is huge focus in the business process services (BPS) industry on using robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) to create a hybrid digital workforce to drive increases in productivity and add value, but what does this actually mean on the ground? According to published findings, a third of global jobs may be […]

What are the priorities for CISOs in 2019?


Well, 2018 is a wrap and another year is behind us — and what a big year it was for cybersecurity. There have been numerous high-profile breaches, regulatory fines, and fascinating developments in how enterprises build and deploy their applications. And, more broadly, business transformation efforts have accelerated the speed of business change. It’ll be […]

Can gamification contribute to effortless robotic process automation?


Robotics and automation have been covered in many articles, but robotics with some sort of game on top? That sounds new and refreshing – utopian, even. What could be better than blending work and games? I’m convinced – and hopefully you will be too by the end of this blog – that in addition to […]

Think complex processes can’t be automated with RPA? Think again

Over the last eight years I’ve read through methodologies, use cases and capabilities and above all – watched robotic process automation (RPA) grow as a solution. I’ve never written anything about RPA so I thought it pertinent for my first-ever blog to write about something close to my heart: complex processes in the context of […]

Avoid RPA failure through comprehensive management of change


Some of you might say that management of change (MOC) is one of the least important aspects of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) delivery. That it is a relevant factor, but for sure not the main point to worry about.  Sorry to disappoint you, but you’re trusting mockup when you should try MOC-UP. Let me explain. […]

How a “scattered” RPA delivery model can help your robotics ecosystem mature


It is standard operating procedure these days to try to get as much value as fast as possible by making one good decision and securing a big win. Three to five years ago companies hoped they would win the RPA lottery. They asked consultants: How should we tackle robotics? The answer: Caching and end-to-end, corporate-level […]