How great project management could lead to a great sales cycle


The project management and sales lifecycles have much in common. Consider the main attributes of great program and project managers. Problem solving and time management skills, abilities to hit deadlines and motivate teams — these are all vital in the sales cycle. The ability to respond to an RFP in a timely fashion, with all […]

Learning Sales Skills Through Campaign Work

As a sales intern at DXC Technology, I learned a lot of valuable skill sets, worked with a great team and prepared myself for my future endeavors. As a young professional, I did not know what to expect of a sales role within a big corporation, however my experience here answered all my questions. Sales […]

In search of career interests: intern diversifies experience

direction sign

I began working at DXC Technology as a member of the inside sales team at the beginning of June and over the past weeks, I have met many amazing individuals and have learned about the nuances of sales. These two factors have been the highlight of my internship. As a member of the inside sales […]

What CIOs should know about the buyer journey

You’re stuck in a conference room with a bunch of sales and marketing types discussing how they’re looking to use their new marketing technology toys to drive incremental revenue and keep the promises they made to you about ROI. You want to contribute to the conversation but then it turns to the “customer/buyer journey,” and […]

Adapting to change: A returning intern post merger


As a second year Inside Sales intern, I had the privilege to be a part of CSC last summer and was given the opportunity to return as a part of DXC Technology. I’ve learned a lot throughout my time here and have worked on a vast array of different projects. What really makes the experience […]

The critical importance of emotional triggers in healthcare IT

The influence of emotion in the healthcare IT marketing segment may be ready to skyrocket. I would argue that not since Y2K has there been more angst in the marketplace caused by the uncertainty generated by the U.S. election results. A recent headline in Healthcare IT News pretty much sums it up: Execs express dystopian view of Trump presidency’s […]

La marketeuse datavore

La marketeuse datavore

Elle vous explique qu’il n’y a pas assez d’informations dans les outils. Il faudrait que les commerciaux renseignent mieux le CRM pour pouvoir enfin faire une bonne segmentation et animer les campagnes. Vous la reconnaitrez si vous validez les points suivants : N’a pas les informations de base sur les clients A encore moins d’informations […]

Le chevalier blanc

Le chevalier blanc

C’est le chevalier blanc de la direction commerciale. Il cherche à trouver la bonne alchimie pour motiver ses équipes et réaliser les plans d’action définis en réunion commerciale. Plus d’indicateurs devraient permettre de mieux savoir où l’on en est. Un problème? Mettons une nouvelle feuille de suivi Excel en place ! Vous le reconnaitrez si […]

Le super assistant commercial

Le super assistant commercial

C’est l’homme de toutes les situations. Sans lui, rien ne se fait ni ne se décide. Il rédige et valide les devis des commerciaux. Il enregistre les commandes et règle tous les détails. Vous le reconnaitrez si vous identifiez les attitudes suivantes : Passe plus de 40% de son temps au téléphone avec les commerciaux […]

Le pilote

Le pilote

Ce responsable commercial a des difficultés à vous dire clairement quels chiffres vous allez pouvoir annoncer pour le prochain trimestre. Vous le reconnaitrez si vous identifiez les attitudes suivantes : A été promu responsable commercial parce qu’il était le meilleur vendeur Est le champion pour régler les problèmes des clients Ses commerciaux ne le sollicitent […]