The Calico cloud


You know what’s one of the real pains of cloud and container based computing? Networking. Workloads on a cloud come and go faster than you can read this story. Connecting those workloads, especially when they become even more ephemeral containers, is not easy. That’s where the open-source Software Defined Network (SDN) Calico comes in. SDN […]

Time to scale network virtualization

The telecommunications industry is a mature sector that is being revitalized and challenged by its customers and new competition. Subscribers seeking digital life styles and enterprise customers seeking to be agile digital businesses all depend on the communication networks more than ever before. Carriers have a tremendous opportunity to service these highly desirable customer segments; […]

Protecting software-defined networks: The Open Security Controller


Software-defined networks (SDN) move networking from the physical to the virtual. Projects such as OpenDaylight and OpenContrail have become essential to telecom and cloud companies where networking configurations must be made in micro-seconds. SDNs are well on their way to becoming mainstream technology. But, as the publication CSO recently pointed out, “SDN solves a lot […]

How software-defined networks assist the security imperative

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The growth of cloud computing and the rise of the mobile workforce means more data is flowing beyond enterprise walls. Not just in highly regulated industries but in every industry today, businesses have concerns about data security and privacy, as well as the ability to defend critical information from the eventuality of an attack. Critical […]

Infra store – the next IT marketplace

We are all familiar with the Apple App Store or Google Play Store we visit every day to download apps, games and necessary updates for our phones and tablets. The app store model revolutionized the marketplace idea, making it easy for both software vendors and consumers to publish and install software without the hassles of […]

4 ways modern networks can revolutionize your business

The evolution of modern hyper-converged cloud platforms, application architectures and mobility is driving rapid and radical changes in network architectures and technologies. The implications of this shift will be vast and take many years to fully play out. But some of those effects are evident now in today’s modern networks that are based on software-defined […]

The modern network: Where it’s all headed

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Having network components described and automated by software is part of the move toward declarative IT, where all aspects of IT are abstracted and programmatically provisioned as a service. Virtualizing the entire IT stack and running it on commodity hardware is transforming the data center. Software defined networks (SDNs) will integrate with data center network […]

Automation and analytics play key role in modern networks

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Modern software defined networks (SDNs) would not be modern without the value that big data adds. Using analytics for the management and reporting of network utilization, we can spot trends and deviations through event correlation and adding context to the enterprise data model. This can be used for greater levels of optimization, or for early […]