Six ways retailers can push the shopping cart toward a frictionless experience

As consumers, we’ve all experienced the opposite of a frictionless shopping experience:  Long lines at checkout. Customer service representatives who are nowhere to be found. Frustration at not finding what we’re looking for. But what is a frictionless experience, and how can retailers provide it? The definitions and possibilities are many, but essentially, frictionless shopping […]

How next-gen technologies make workplaces safer


As technological breakthroughs continue to enable new business models and disrupt entire industries, twenty-first century tools are also exerting a profound influence on how enterprises seek to keep workers safe as they perform potentially dangerous tasks. Robotics, the Internet of Things and virtual reality all provide innovative ways to safeguard employees’ health and safety, often […]

A powerful potential solution to powering IoT sensors


The Internet of Things (IoT) offers enterprises access to unprecedented amounts of data for analyzing customer preferences, tracking and managing inventory, monitoring equipment, and more. But IoT also presents daunting management challenges for enterprise IT leaders. Not only must IT pros worry about securing and integrating IoT devices into their networks, but they also are […]

Ambient intelligence: Making buildings and organizations smarter

office building

“Smart” buildings and offices provide a number of benefits to enterprises, including increased employee productivity and satisfaction and lower utility costs. By leveraging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), enterprises can optimize lighting, HVAC systems and security in an entire building or floor as well as individual rooms and work […]

W is for wearables

 This post is part of a series, “Digital: From A to Z,” that explores what it means to be digital. What’s in your A to Z of digital? Find me on Twitter @Max_Hemingway or leave a comment below. Whether it’s a smart watch or a fitness tracker, our wrists now contain one of the most popular wearables — […]

How to get started with machine learning in manufacturing

Smart machines are changing the way we manufacture. Machine learning, a type of artificial intelligence that gives machines the ability to learn without human help, creates new connections between manufacturing design and technologies like augmented reality. But it also changes the actual practice of manufacturing. Today, machine-learning technology is relatively easy to acquire, but getting started with real-world applications in manufacturing can be […]

Internet of Things: Revolution or evolution?

Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the technology terms that will appear in every organisation’s strategy document in 2017. (Skeptical? Our CTO Dan Hushon has put it on his list of technology trends to watch.) But some of you may be wondering if it’s really a revolutionary change, or simply a fancier badge on something that’s been happening for some time. […]

¿Hay que echar el freno al coche autónomo?

Además de las nuevas formas de compartir trayecto, el coche autónomo está siendo la pieza clave de muchas estrategias actuales de ciudad inteligente. El proyecto de vehículo sin conductor de Google destaca en la larga lista mundial de futuristas ingenios urbanos. Pero está surgiendo también un gran debate en torno al reparto de responsabilidades, en […]

Les villes doivent-elles mettre un frein aux véhicules autonomes?

Tout comme l’autopartage, l’engouement pour les véhicules autonomes a été un élément clé de nombreuses stratégies pour les villes intelligentes (smart cities). La Google Car pourrait bien changer la donne du futurisme urbain à travers la planète. Mais se pose alors la question de la responsabilité en cas d’accident avec un véhicule autonome. Qui du […]

The digital twin

With the rise of digital, manufacturers are finding themselves rich in data. Meanwhile, computing has emerged as the cheapest, most abundant resource that we can deploy against any problem. The problem in manufacturing is not the lack of new ideas and products, but the ability to design and build new products efficiently. A 2015 IDC […]