The top five upcoming cloud developments


Strap yourself in. We’ll be going to some interesting places with the cloud in the near future. 1. Hybrid Cloud Takes Off For the longest time, the hybrid cloud didn’t really go much of anywhere. That’s because it wasn’t easy to integrate private and public clouds. Then, along came Kubernetes and everything changed. With Kubernetes, […]

DXC Agility Platform version 10.2.1 released

Agility Platform update

It is with great pleasure that I announce the latest release of the Agility Platform, version 10.2.1. The release has many changes and improvements, and for this blog, I would like to highlight a few of the improvements. The first enhancement is around Actions that can be performed against a Blueprint or even an Instance. While […]

An example integration of Agility Platform and ServiceNow

Since I recently blogged about different integration options for Agility Platfrom and ServiceNow, I figured a good follow up would be to give an example of how Agility could open Change Requests or Incidents automatically in ServiceNow. The idea behind this is that when a Project/Blueprint/Instance is spun up by Agility, the customer might have a requirement to log […]

DXC Agility Platform 10.1.1 released

DXC has recently released Agility Platform 10.1.1. With this release, we provide several improvements and enhancements based on requests from customers. At a high level, the release contains an update for WinRM Attachment repository support, improvements for Distributed Node Operations, as well as a new feature around Project Creation. It is important to note that the Aglity Platform is […]

The benefits of integrating Agility Platform and ServiceNow

IoT skills DXC Blogs

There are constant news articles on Public and Private Cloud. There are also targeted articles around ITIL and ITSM. While I run across news articles and some products from time to time, you don’t really see the two topics discussed together from a full lifecycle standpoint (Service Offering idea, Service Definition, code, Build, Test, Deploy, automated provisioning, etc). Think […]