Le SIAM, outil de gestion multifournisseur


C’est le lot de toutes les équipes informatiques gérant plusieurs fournisseurs: un ticket passe, de fournisseur en fournisseur, avant qu’il ne tombe finalement entre de bonnes mains. Ce genre de situation irrite les utilisateurs et nuit à la crédibilité du département informatique en occasionnant des retards inutiles. Que diriez-vous d’une solution de gestion de services […]

In che modo SIAM aiuta le aziende a gestire più fornitori in modo più efficace


Ecco qualcosa che ogni gruppo IT che gestisce più fornitori ha sperimentato: un ordine di servizio che viene rinviato da fornitore in fornitore tre o quattro volte prima che arrivi finalmente a quello giusto. Questo tipo di situazioni irrita un impiegato qualsiasi e danneggia la credibilità del reparto IT causando ritardi non necessari del servizio. […]

Cómo administrar múltiples proveedores de manera más efectiva, con SIAM

Esto es algo que cualquier grupo de TI, que maneja múltiples proveedores, ha experimentado alguna vez: una orden de servicio que pasa de proveedor en proveedor, tres o cuatro veces, antes de llegar finalmente al correcto. Este tipo de situaciones irrita a cualquier empleado y daña la credibilidad del departamento de TI, al causar retrasos […]

How SIAM helps organizations manage multiple suppliers more effectively


Here’s something every IT group managing multiple suppliers has experienced: A work ticket that gets bounced around from supplier to supplier three or four times before it finally gets to the right vendor. These kind of situations irritate rank-and-file users and hurt the credibility of the IT department by causing unnecessary service delays. What if […]

How SIAM enables digital transformation in the banking industry


Retail banks and other financial institutions face many of the same challenges other mature industries confront in the digital era, including the three truths of digital disruption: Consumers are in charge. Many customers are already thinking and acting “digital” and will force financial institutions into the next market-facing move. The customer experience (CX) for digital […]

How Service Integration and Management (SIAM) operates as a business model that fosters digital transformation


In today’s business world, companies are adding new services faster than IT departments can react. Think of a bank that offers an e-commerce application. They may have a dozen new services, ranging from looking up account balances to making transfers both inside and outside the bank, to processing commercial and business loans. IT departments are […]

Why you need Service Integration and Management (SIAM)


Smart companies understand that the cloud has changed the business paradigm. Businesses working on their digital transformations tend to use multiple cloud providers to reduce costs and become more agile while continuing to manage traditional services. Some may provision Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure for testing or running workloads and infrastructure more efficiently; and […]

The music of multi-sourcing (Part 2): Achieving harmonious customer outcomes

Orchestra Conductor

In part one of this blog series, I looked at some of the fundamental problems of managing multiple service providers. However, to keep up with customer demand and expectations, employing a number of third-party providers to deliver services to customers is inevitable. So the question becomes – how do we make it work? The promise […]

The music of multi-sourcing (part 1): Discordant service providers

Old broken disused piano with damaged keys

Today organisations are being challenged to deliver customer-centric and adaptive services to their internal and external customers that keep pace with changing customer expectations. To meet this challenge, a single customer service will rely on the flexible integration of several external specialist business and IT services, with internal services that focus on the organisation’s areas […]