Il futuro degli smartphone potrebbe essere nelle tue mani

L’era degli smartphone ha i giorni contati, a causa della saturazione del mercato e della mancanza di significativi progressi tecnologici avvenuti negli ultimi anni ma è anche dovuto alla necessità dei produttori di evitare la mercificazione, fattore che li ha costretti ad abbattere i prezzi diminuendo drasticamente i margini di profitto. La società di ricerca […]

El futuro de los teléfonos inteligentes puede estar en nuestra mente

Los smartphones tienen sus días contados, en gran medida por la saturación del mercado, por la falta de avances tecnológicos significativos en los últimos años y por la necesidad de los fabricantes de evitar la mercantilización del producto, lo que hace bajar sus precios y destruye el margen. La consultora IDC ya lo adelantó el […]

The future of smartphones may be in your mind


The smartphone’s days are numbered, thanks in part to market saturation, lack of any significant technological breakthroughs in recent years, and the need of manufacturers to avoid commoditization, which forces down prices and destroys margins. Technology research firm IDC said in December that it expects worldwide smartphone shipments to decline by 3% in 2018, the […]

Imagining the smartphone of the future


Cell phones have undergone a continuous evolution since the DynaTAC 8000x made its debut in 1983 — when millions of iPhone and Android users weren’t yet born. The DynaTAC was the size of a shoe, with a thick, inflexible antenna protruding from the top. It had enough battery to power a 30-minute conversation. Oh, and since […]

Smartphones in the enterprise: A decade of productivity (and lots of personal texting)


Ten years ago, on June 29, 2007, Apple released the first iPhone. This bold bid to capture the mobile consumer market from established players such as Nokia and Blackberry maker Research in Motion soon would trigger a movement called “consumerization,” which would have a huge impact on enterprises and IT professionals. Whereas once IT pros […]

Surprising findings about enterprise mobile adoption

It’s been nearly 10 years since the first iPhone came out, kicking off a revolution in the enterprise that continues to this day. And while the pace of change in the enterprise has been dizzying over that past decade, technology consultancy Gartner recently announced survey results that may surprise adherents of “mobile first” strategies: Mobile device […]

Is BYOD blowing up your IT budget?

Enterprises implement BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs for a number of reasons, usually starting with a desire to make employees more productive and happy. Some enterprises, however, also are attracted to the notion of saving money through BYOD. After all, if the organization doesn’t have to pay for all those smartphones and tablets, it […]

Do wearables pose a threat to corporate data?

wearables smart watch security CSC Blogs

The wearable revolution is just beginning to penetrate the enterprise. Smartwatches in particular are common among enterprise employees who want the convenience of syncing their watches to their smartphones, making it easier to see texts and other notifications without having to pull their mobile device from their pockets. Smartwatches seem relatively benign next to smartphones, […]

Will smartphones eventually fade away?

Enterprise IT professionals being driven crazy by managing a small galaxy of smartphones may be happy to hear that these devices could slowly fade away as they migrate functionality to wearables such as smartwatches. The transition is happening already, according to Computerworld contributor Mike Elgan. While wearables currently augment and interact (through Bluetooth) with smartphones, functionality […]

Mobile spotlight shines at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona CSC Blogs

News from the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona tends to be about product announcements, and understandably so: Samsung, LG, HTC and many other hardware vendors use the February show to roll out new flagship smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. The 2016 show going on February 22 to 25 is no different. Gizmodo has a […]