Five cutting edge technologies available to SMBs through cloud-automated IT

As SaaS applications have come of age, adopting newer technologies has become easier for smaller organizations. However, the subsequent challenge of supporting these technology components remains for organizations with limited budget and resources available. Continuously monitored networks and servers, rapid response times for user support, and advanced security features – these capabilities have traditionally only […]

Cloud-automated IT solves the problems of the traditional IT model

For small and medium-sized companies, the traditional IT model of an on-premises network built and operated with an in-house IT staff is often fraught with problems.  IT teams are stretched to capacity simply keeping the lights on and there are always going to be issues with systems performance, network reliability, end user productivity, data recovery, […]

The mobile mistake that could kill your business

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Mobile technology is absolutely critical for enterprises to succeed in the digital economy. But the presence of mobile devices and apps in the workplace doesn’t automatically translate into improved business. In fact, mobile can cause so many problems if not effectively managed that it can lead to enterprise failure through lost sales opportunities, excessive and unnecessary costs and […]

Solving your data analytics needs through freelancers

I’ve written a lot about the challenges facing enterprises in finding top-flight data analytics talent and how they are trying to compensate. Here are just a few posts: Even big data ‘leaders’ struggle to find analytics talent Can automated analytics reduce need for data scientists? Grow your own data scientists in 2015 Why hiring data scientists isn’t enough […]

Still fearful of moving your company to the cloud? Consider this.

Thanks to services like Gmail and Microsoft Office 365, almost everyone uses the cloud these days. But, that doesn’t mean everyone is comfortable with it. Netwrix, an IT auditing software vendor, found that when it comes to cloud migration 65% of companies are still concerned with security and 40% are twitchy about their loss of physical […]