The great distractors make the best workers


Good news employers: The workplace is still for working. Sounds obvious, but given the suffusion of mobile devices throughout the workplace, some are still worried otherwise. Social media, made all the more accessible by mobile devices, often gets pegged as “The Great Distractor” but with the most recent launches of Microsoft Teams and Facebook’s Workplace, […]

The CIO’s spectator guide to digital strategy

Apparently hundreds, if not thousands of CIO’s around the world are sitting in the cheap seats and many more are way up in the nosebleed section of Digital Enterprise Park. In a report on Digital Leadership in the C-Suite recently released by my research colleagues at Leading Edge Forum it was found that only 35% […]

Losing App-etite: The Perils of Mobile Pablum

Will native apps die a slow death? There have been some interesting debates among mobile strategy pundits on whether native apps might be losing some of their original glitter. The debate centers around the sheer volume of apps on the typical mobile device and how many of them actually have some form of utility for […]

Meerkat & Periscope: What the socially savvy CIO should know

Many of us don’t really know what apps are hot until we overhear our 16-year-olds discussing with their friends where to find the compromising party pictures. Even then we’re so anxious about what might be seen when it’s downloaded, we take an “ignorance is bliss” approach. However, since the topic of apps and omni-channel appears […]