Digital: From A to Z

“Being Digital,” “Journey to Digital,” “Digital” and “21st Century Humans” are phrases that are commonplace in many conversations around business and technology. But what does it mean to be “Digital”?  This is a wide subject to cover in a single blog post, so I’ll be breaking the A to Z of Digital down into further […]

Translating digital body language

digital body language DXC Blogs

If you look at yourself in a “digital mirror,” chances are your image will be shockingly different than what you see in real life. Whether you’re a digital native or a digital immigrant, you’re constantly establishing a footprint based on engagements with websites, digital devices and RFID feeds. What makes this more complex is that there is […]

Listening in to healthcare consumers

The patient has always been a “consumer” of healthcare and life sciences services, but something has changed — to an exponential degree — in recent years. The rapid growth of digitalization and mobile connectivity, coupled with the increased expectations of digital natives, has rapidly moved healthcare and life sciences communications into the next generation. Historically, the patient […]