Freeing up resources for modern applications

Given the many business benefits of developing modern enterprise applications, why haven’t more organizations done more of it? Mainly because they lack sufficient budgets, capabilities and time. Even if these resources exist, they’re frequently locked up in day-to-day operations. A shortage of funding is commonly the biggest barrier to application modernization. So often the first […]

Modern applications for a software-driven world

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Today, nearly every industry is a software industry. Nearly every company is a software company. And nearly every manager is a manager of software. Insurance companies find their business is quickly moving online. Healthcare providers are being challenged by new websites. Banks are under pressure to respond as consumers quickly shift to online and mobile […]

Why digitization needs application modernization

Looking at the current hype around Digitalization we recognize the positions and arguments of two groups: One group is Sales and Marketing, CEOs and CMOs who reflect about the business value of Digitalization, about new sales and service channels, digitalized products, and – in general – renewed business processes. On the other side, the IT […]

How many programmers does the planet need?

What do you really know about C#, Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, Perl, Node.js, Haskell, Go, D or R? Do you understand the difference between Java and Javascript? Have you ever scripted a computer? Can you write code? Are you a nerd? It has become fashionable in some quarters to poke fun at non-technical people, especially non-technical business leaders. […]