Phishing attacks on the rise

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It’s no surprise that phishing attacks remain among the most effective. By some estimates, phishing (specifically highly-targeted spear-phishing attacks) are how 91% of digital attacks are initiated. Even business and security leaders — those who clearly should know better — admit to being fooled. In our post, The high risk of data loss associated with employees, […]

How to avoid a ransomware attack

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Ransomware is a major security threat, three companies alone in 2017 identified $700 million worth of damage from recent attacks, and the global damage is assessed to be exponentially higher. Businesses recognize the severity of the threat, and now need to develop strategies to minimize their risk. The first step is a thorough diagnosis of […]

Phishing attacks keep financial institutions, online services on the hook

Phishing email scams CSC Blogs

Remember when email phishing attacks were all too easy to spot? The bad graphics, poor email page design and layout, paragraphs peppered with spelling errors — they were always dead giveaways. Well, those days are gone and phishing attacks are more sophisticated than ever. And while phishing attacks are primarily used to separate victims from […]