A preview of media content creation in 2030

Great stories have always been popular, but today’s demand for engaging, original content is unprecedented. Content consumption in all forms has grown dramatically over the last decade, thanks to the proliferation of digital distribution channels and devices. Today truly is a remarkable time for storytellers, and the appetite for their work shows no sign of […]

The power of storytelling in enterprise IT

Power of Stories

For those road warriors who spend most of their time presenting in front of large groups around the world, the power of the words “let me tell you a story” are very well known. In my experience, however, there’s a subtle, but important difference between telling a story and storytelling. So before I go too […]

CIOs must publish or perish

It struck me as I looked at a boutique financial firm’s brag sheet stating $2 billion under management that this was very similar to the vanity metrics of corporate IT – only in the case of CIOs, the metric is more focused on “petabytes under management.” This is perfectly logical in a “container-centric” model where […]