If you can’t think strategically, you may be out of a job


A new study from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) underscores the daunting training challenges facing organizations and employees around the world in adapting to job requirements in the workplace of the future. OECD research projects roughly one-third of jobs (32%) in the 32 countries analyzed “are likely to see significant changes in […]

2018: Companies grow through digital business extensions

In 2018, companies will increasingly leverage data and other digital capabilities to create new markets, blur industry boundaries, and cross into other industries. This creates an opportunity for digital leaders not just to implement or optimize existing business strategy, but to drive and change business strategy. That is exciting but also tough, because the strategic […]

IT strategy on a page?

I saw a recent post on our internal collaboration tool about doing an IT Strategy on a page and it got me thinking – as these things do… Is it getting it on a single page that is considered good, or simply that there is an IT Strategy that can be written down? The one […]

Media’s mobile-first strategy and why user experience makes or breaks it

Mobile first media CSC Blogs

In our hyper-connected world – where, for many countries, 70% of the populace get their news via smartphone and 50% use the device to watch video – it’s not enough for a media company to think “digital first.” The strategy du jour is “mobile first.” And here begins a debate about what this really means! […]

2016: Is it the year of the collaborative economy?

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I am really noticing a lot of “partnering” going on. Conversations, meetings, agreements, deals and with all sorts of companies — globals, start-ups etc. Well, of course I would see that in the job I do … but it is really something quite different now. I really believe it is connected to the new economic […]

When ‘likes’ and emoticons drive business decisions

(Editor’s note: This blog originally published on  March 3, 2015. Over the next weeks, CSC Blogs will be highlighting top content from the past year.)   We all know how social media can take a story – or create a story – and have it take on a life of its own. Something that seems innocuous enough can become a […]

The Weakest Link in the Room, Part I

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By Stephen Brennan, CSC Cybersecurity In the last two decades I have seen cyber defenses revolutionized by advances in processes and technologies. Advances that have made protecting and defending our most critical data, systems and infrastructure seem almost routine. So when unexpected events occur and become incidents, the weakest link in the room is often […]

Industry 4.0 Will Make the World a Better Place

By Ralf Schulze, CSC | LinkedIn Profile [twitter-follow screen_name=’d0857′] CSC recently surveyed 900 managers and decision-makers in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland on the topic of Industry 4.0. Our findings were pretty much in line with what I hear when I talk to our clients: People find Industry 4.0 very relevant and intriguing but they aren’t […]

Enterprise Trend Visualization and the Potential of OSINT

Is it possible to build a dashboard and command center to give a 360-degree view of the emerging trends, topics and conversations affecting your enterprise? KPMG believes so. They have invested in Bottlenose, a cloud-based trend intelligence solution that analyzes real-time streaming data from social media and other sources. How much data? A Twitter feed is around a […]

Will Chief Resilience Officers become the latest threat to corporate IT leadership?

On a recent consulting project related to the growth and development of smart cities around the world, I repeatedly bumped into the latest trendy C-title. While mostly in leadership roles in urban governments, the Chief Resilience Officer has become the connective tissue between disparate departments in city governments. The role of the Chief Resilience Officer […]