External influences on why we underestimate

Jerry Overton, a data scientist here at DXC Technology, reached out to me after my last blog to talk about when we women underestimate ourselves. He felt there were a lot of external factors that could result in our internal underestimation. So I caught up with Jerry, who provided another view of underestimation that can […]

The Dandelion Program: Integrating autism in the workplace

Being on the autism spectrum can make it hard to fit into the workplace. The labour force participation rate for people with autism is 42%. The rate of participation for people with any disability is 53%, and for those without disabilities, it’s 83%. Fundamentally, this is because our workplace is built around the neurotypical person, someone without a disorder or disease. But many people with autism […]

Fixing the underestimation factor

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So ladies and gents, this blog is going to be a bit more serious. After my last blog, I received feedback about how we ladies keep putting ourselves down and are missing out because of it. I understand our busy jobs may not allow time to work with a mentor — or some of you may not have access to […]

Is there such a thing as too many questions?

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Curiosity: The natural urge to continually question the world around us, to understand how things work and where they come from. Recently, my colleague Courtney Carr posted a wonderful blog on the ways in which we ask questions, encouraging us to never stop doing so. But I wanted to capture the alternative view: Can there […]

Women (not) in leadership: The underestimation factor

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With women holding only 4.2% of CEO positions  among Fortune 500 companies, one in five seats in the American Congress and about 30% of seats in the UK parliament, I think we can all agree that there continues to be a lack of women in leadership at the highest levels. Often, the biggest blockade to equal representation comes from being underestimated. You know […]

The importance of ‘walking the talk’

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I have only just realised that I recently passed my 30-year anniversary of working in the IT industry, making me somewhat “mature” in this world… A lot has happened in those 30 years. Mainly, everything has gotten faster, smaller, cheaper (relatively). Or, as Daft Punk would have it, “harder, better, faster, stronger.” See, even us IT oldies can be […]

A different sort of day at the beach

Across DXC Technology, we actively encourage employees to get involved in environmental activities for Earth Day. This year, our theme was “clean up,” particularly the collection of marine litter. The problem with marine litter is that the vast majority of it is plastic, which never truly breaks down. Experts suggest plastic left in the environment […]

Changer pour grandir : un défi, une opportunité

Le changement. Il existe une longue bibliographie sur ce sujet, les consultants gagnent leur vie en aidant les entreprises à l’aborder de la meilleure manière possible, et pourtant, nous (les êtres humains), avons toujours un peu de mal à nous y faire. Ces derniers temps, j’ai beaucoup réfléchi à ce concept de changement, qui plus […]

El “cambio”, como desafío, oportunidad y futura prosperidad

El “cambio” es un tema sobre el que hay bibliotecas llenas de libros al respecto y muchos consultores han hecho fortuna prestando su ayuda para que las empresas lo emprendan. Sin embargo,  cuando nos hablan de cambio, todos sentimos que  alguien se quiere comer nuestro trozo del pastel. Éste es un tema que tengo en […]

Career advice for soon-to-be graduates — and all of us, really

Making a difference and helping others is what we at DXC like to do. Many of our leaders help out with charities, mentor and coach others, both inside and outside the organisation. Others among us work with universities and schools to make a difference in diverse ways. One way that many of us help out is by trying to guide […]