Surprising findings about enterprise mobile adoption

It’s been nearly 10 years since the first iPhone came out, kicking off a revolution in the enterprise that continues to this day. And while the pace of change in the enterprise has been dizzying over that past decade, technology consultancy Gartner recently announced survey results that may surprise adherents of “mobile first” strategies: Mobile device […]

When a high-profile user rejects enterprise-issued technology

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There’s one ultimate measure of technology’s effectiveness in the workplace: Does it advance the goals of the organization? On the ground level, the answer to that question depends on whether the technology either 1) improves processes, or 2) helps employees do their jobs better and more efficiently. Sometimes employees have strong opinions about the latter. […]

Is Apple’s App Store security overrated?

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The prevalent wisdom in the enterprise world is that Android is a prime target of hackers and malware creators because Apple’s iOS mobile operating system and its online App Store are more secure than their counterparts from Google. Maybe it’s time to rethink the prevalent wisdom. A new report by mobile security vendor Appthority concludes: “The […]

Choosing a tablet for enterprise productivity

Whether you’re an enterprise worker shopping for a personal tablet that also doubles as a work device or an IT pro looking for the right large mobile device to provision for your enterprise’s employees, this is the time of year when choices and deals abound. Here are several roundups of tablets from the perspective of […]

Is Android finally penetrating the enterprise market?

Apple’s dominant position in the enterprise mobility market is rapidly eroding. The latest quarterly enterprise mobile report from Good Technology shows iOS ceding considerable ground in device activations, falling to 64 percent in the second quarter from 70 percent just one quarter earlier. Android activations, meanwhile, climbed to 32 percent in Q2 from 26 percent […]

Why BYOT (for tablet) pays off for enterprise IT

Recent technology forecasts indicate that growth in tablet shipments is slowing dramatically as these mobile devices struggle to find a place in the digital arsenal of consumers. Much of the slowdown in unit shipments can be attributed to the buying cycle for tablets, which more closely resembles that of personal computers (every three years or so) […]