Cinq mesures pour réussir la composition d’équipes de travail

« Les organisations qui conçoivent les systèmes… sont contraintes de produire des modèles qui sont des copies de leur propre structure de communication » – Loi de Conway Cette observation, prémonitoire, sur la manière dont les structures logicielles tendent à copier les structures sociales a été formulée en 1967 et reste fondamentale aujourd’hui pour la conception d’équipes […]

Cinco pasos para tener éxito en el diseño de equipos

“Toda empresa, al diseñar un nuevo sistema, replica la estructura de comunicación de su propia organización“. – Ley de Conway Esta observación, profética, de cómo las estructuras de software tienden a replicar estructuras sociales se formuló hace 50 años y sigue siendo hoy esencial, a la hora de conformar un equipo. En los últimos años, […]

Five steps to team design success


“Any organization that designs a system will produce a design whose structure is a copy of the organization’s communication structure.” – Conway’s Law This prescient observation of how software structures tend to follow social structures was made in 1967 and remains essential today when considering team design. In recent years, enterprises have used a microservices […]

In search of career interests: intern diversifies experience

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I began working at DXC Technology as a member of the inside sales team at the beginning of June and over the past weeks, I have met many amazing individuals and have learned about the nuances of sales. These two factors have been the highlight of my internship. As a member of the inside sales […]

Distance, place and time in a connected world

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In the movie Toy Story, when Buzz Lightyear joins the team, the whole world of the toys is thrown into turmoil and change. They must find a new balance and way of working, even though their world is ultimately expanded and changed for the better. In this blog, I want to look at some of the remote teams I have worked […]

Flexing your agile muscle as a program manager

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One of the great, and largely unnoticed, innovations of the 21st century has been the advent of agile working. Flexible workplaces and flexible working have been with us for a while, but now these have been replaced by agile workplaces and agile working. Whereas flexible working was seen as a business “perk,” agile is seen […]