Your company has been hit with ransomware: What’s the best response?


Organizations hit with ransomware must decide if the situation has become extreme enough to pay the ransom.  Although law enforcement adheres to a strict policy of not negotiating with the extortionists, nuances do exist. Companies need to understand the full spectrum of options, how interactions with the criminals may evolve and how to position the […]

The Human Perimeter

The Human Perimeter

In an “Outside-In” world, some companies are struggling to implement unified identity and access management (I&AM). Some are asking where their security perimeter now lies. High-profile data breaches such as those at Ashley Madison, Sony, JPMorgan Chase, eBay, Adobe and Target no doubt have CIOs wondering whether they will be hit next. Is unified identity […]

Enterprise Trend Visualization and the Potential of OSINT

Is it possible to build a dashboard and command center to give a 360-degree view of the emerging trends, topics and conversations affecting your enterprise? KPMG believes so. They have invested in Bottlenose, a cloud-based trend intelligence solution that analyzes real-time streaming data from social media and other sources. How much data? A Twitter feed is around a […]