Navigating the road to connected transportation

Like other industries, the travel and transportation space is undergoing massive changes brought on by digitally-enabled customers and advanced technology. Transportation companies need to change their thinking beyond optimizing runs and work toward creating a connected transportation platform that provides a 360-degree view of the journey. The path to success is spelled out in the […]

Airport of the future: AI puts analytics into action


One of the great challenges and opportunities of the 21st century will be to sort out what human beings do best and what’s better left to machines and artificial intelligence (AI). How can airports best leverage AI?  In many ways, AI picks up where analytics leaves off. With analytics, organizations collect and analyze data so […]

Réenchanter l’expérience aérienne, avec l’IoT et les technologies mobiles

Si vous avez prévu de prendre l’avion prochainement, pour le travail ou les loisirs, ne soyez pas surpris si vous observez que les compagnies aériennes et les agences de voyages tirent parti de la technologie mobile et de l’Internet des objets (IoT) pour faire des voyages une expérience plus agréable. Alors que les avantages des […]

Movilidad e IoT para mejorar la vida de pasajeros y empleados aéreos

Si está a punto de coger un avión, ya sea por negocios o placer, no se extrañe de que su línea aérea o agencia de viajes le sorprenda con algunas de las posibilidades que la tecnología móvil y el Internet de las cosas (IoT) están ofreciendo para hacer de su viaje una experiencia más agradable. […]

Mobility, IoT can make life better for airline travelers and employees

Whether you’re boarding a plane for business or pleasure in the new year, expect airlines and travel services companies to leverage mobile technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) to make traveling a more enjoyable experience. While the benefits of consumer-facing mobile apps are obvious — users can find and book flights through their smartphones, […]

How digital apps can make airline operations smarter, better for customers

Digital applications airline industry CSC BlogsDigital applications airline industry CSC Blogs

A weather event or dreaded technology blip has delayed or canceled flights in your airport. Your staff scrambles at the gates, trying to respond to passengers and help them find alternative ways to their destination. Tensions are high, and customers are not happy. To defray nerves and improve the response, you whip out your airline’s […]