Trust in leadership is critical to enterprise success


Digital transformation requires organizations to be agile, adaptable, flexible, and scalable. It requires a strategic vision and a collective mindset that is focused on innovation, teamwork, and problem-solving. But without strong trust among employees in an organization’s leaders, the elements that drive digital transformation can become corroded and ineffective. It’s hard to generate enthusiasm and […]

Blah blah blockchain


Blockchain may be the hottest technology but it won’t change the world, at least not for government. The IT industry has been talking about blockchain in glowing terms for some time. Much of the excitement is driven by Bitcoin, an application that relies on blockchain to create digital currency particularly loved by hackers and other […]

Blockchain: confíe en el genio de la lámpara

Cada día nos abre todo un nuevo mundo de incalculable riqueza, como la compleja pero impresionante tecnología llamada Blockchain. Parece que todo el mundo, desde compañías reconocidas a startups, gobiernos y agencias internacionales, está interesado en explorar esta tecnología de bloques en cadena y sus posibilidades de transformación en industrias tan diversas como energía o […]

Blockchain: faire confiance au génie de la lampe

Dans un monde en perpétuel changement, chaque nouvelle journée apporte son lot de nouvelles richesses, comme c’est le cas de cette complexe mais ô combien émouvante technologie appelée blockchain. Que ce soit les grandes entreprises de renom, les petites start-up ou les administrations publiques, tout le monde est saisi par l’engouement blockchain et cherche le […]

Blockchain: Trusting the genie in the lamp

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With every new day comes a whole new world, with new and wondrous riches such as the complex and mind-blowing technology of blockchain. It seems everyone, from well-known companies to startups, national governments to international agencies, is jumping into blockchain and investigating ways to put it to use. The possibilities for transformation in industries as diverse as energy […]

The Civic Dimensions of Distributed Trust

Trust used to be such a simple concept until technology got involved. Most citizens know that trust and technology are inseparable every day when they type their PIN into an ATM or use their card key to enter their offices. But the concept of trust becomes even more complicated in the complex ecosystems of 21st […]

The Human Perimeter

The Human Perimeter

In an “Outside-In” world, some companies are struggling to implement unified identity and access management (I&AM). Some are asking where their security perimeter now lies. High-profile data breaches such as those at Ashley Madison, Sony, JPMorgan Chase, eBay, Adobe and Target no doubt have CIOs wondering whether they will be hit next. Is unified identity […]