Algorithm bosses: No yelling, but lots of micromanaging


Enterprise workers today use technologies such as computers, smartphones, mobile apps, and cloud platforms as tools that allow them to be more productive and efficient. In the workplace of the future, however, the stakes will be raised: Employees will collaborate and interact with advanced technologies such as algorithms, robots, and artificial intelligence (AI). And some […]

Digital green shoots: New opportunities arising from disruption


There’s no getting around it: Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, robotics, and automatic will disrupt most or all industries in the next two decades. And disruption means specific jobs and even entire industries will go away. Whether future technologies will result in a net gain or loss of jobs has been a […]

How technology helps us settle for less  


For years, an employer of mine permitted me to take an expensive well-branded limousine service to and from the airport. The cars were very nice but the price was ridiculous for the 18-mile drive. And then came Uber and Lyft. While many of the cars were nowhere near as glitzy at the coach service, there […]

The time to figure out your enterprise’s flying car strategy is near-ish


OK, the subject line in the FORTUNE Data Sheet email newsletter I just received is getting somewhat ahead of things (“Finally, flying cars”), but it did its job and made me read Aaron Pressman’s short post within. Make no mistake, there are several flying vehicle prototypes already airborne, as a quick search on YouTube will show. […]

¿Hay que echar el freno al coche autónomo?

Además de las nuevas formas de compartir trayecto, el coche autónomo está siendo la pieza clave de muchas estrategias actuales de ciudad inteligente. El proyecto de vehículo sin conductor de Google destaca en la larga lista mundial de futuristas ingenios urbanos. Pero está surgiendo también un gran debate en torno al reparto de responsabilidades, en […]

Les villes doivent-elles mettre un frein aux véhicules autonomes?

Tout comme l’autopartage, l’engouement pour les véhicules autonomes a été un élément clé de nombreuses stratégies pour les villes intelligentes (smart cities). La Google Car pourrait bien changer la donne du futurisme urbain à travers la planète. Mais se pose alors la question de la responsabilité en cas d’accident avec un véhicule autonome. Qui du […]

How much power does a license hold?

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The business of financial advice is changing. We will first look at what causes forces of change.

Should cities put the brakes on self-driving cars?

Along with ride-share, the autonomous vehicle movement has been a key element of many smart city strategies. Google’s self-driving car shows up on the game-changer list of many an urban futurist around the world. But there has been much debate about which party bares the liability in an autonomous vehicle accident. Is it the “driver” or […]

Why every CIO needs to closely watch Smart Cities

What do Coca-Cola and smart cities have in common? The answer is in the IoT components baked into the modern vending machine. Coca-Cola has been recognized as a leader in developing vending machines that can shift electric consumption levels based on low and peak energy-use patterns. The aggregate of energy saved by thousands of vending machines across an […]