The coming revolution in computer usability


One of the biggest complaints among doctors and other healthcare providers is how much time they must spend entering data into devices connected to their electronic health records (EHRs) systems — time that could be better spent focusing on their patients. Two health experts writing in Harvard Business Review call for a “revolution in usability,” arguing that “voice […]

The problem with clicks, keystrokes and screenviews in healthcare


When I recently conducted a focus group comprised of senior healthcare technology practitioners I must admit I was taken aback by what these graduates from prestigious medical and technology universities felt was one of their top concerns. Clicks ! Yes, Clicks ! As the videos of the session would confirm, I needed to ask the […]

U is for usability

This post is part of a series, “Digital: From A to Z,” that explores what it means to be digital. What’s in your A to Z of digital? Find me on Twitter @Max_Hemingway or leave a comment below. Usability is something that we have learnt and adapted within the human race for thousands of years through using and […]