When your tech job isn’t in tech


When you think of technology workers, you’re apt to think of companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Samsung … you know, tech companies. But there are technology workers in every industry that deploys tech, and in many industries the percentage of workers with technology jobs has increased. “Tech jobs as a share of all […]

Lights out: Can the U.S. survive a ‘catastrophic’ power outage?


Recently, the President’s National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC) examined the ability of the U.S. federal government to respond to and recover from a catastrophic power outage striking a large swath of the nation. What is a catastrophic power outage? It’s a power outage longer than a few days or even weeks and that is, according […]

Cyber insurance: State of play

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Cyber risks are real and constantly evolving with technological advances and pervasiveness. Whether as individuals, small businesses or multinational companies, we all face the threat of a cyber incident that can result in costly financial consequences. As the insurance industry deals with heavy competition for classic products and negative interest rate headwinds limiting returns from insurer’s bond portfolios, cyber risks […]

Le digital, un nouveau carburant pour le secteur de l’énergie ?

Par Thibaut Dubois, manager, et Antoine Contal, consultant Energy & Technology chez CSC La gestion durable des ressources naturelles étant au centre des préoccupations économiques, les acteurs du secteur de l’énergie sensibilisent leurs clients à la gestion responsable de leur consommation énergétique. Ce qui se traduit par une réduction substantielle de leurs propres revenus. Pour […]

Intelligent infrastructure: The critical role of analytics in ‘smart cities’

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Enterprise professionals increasingly rely on data analytics to monitor and manage their IT infrastructures and ensure business continuity. Analytics can detect problems in real time anywhere in the network, data center or even on the application level, enabling IT to optimize performance, reduce costs and improve organizational efficiency. Analytics also is emerging as a key […]