5G networks slowly being built out


Verizon rolled out 5G network service to four cities in October 2018, which I noted last March when I wrote, “Given that 5G is far from ubiquitous, it will be a few years before everyone everywhere is hurtling down the cyberspace fast lane.” Still true! That being said, definite progress has been made in rolling […]

No, your competitors probably aren’t rolling out massive IoT deployments (yet)


Read quickly through Verizon’s “State of the Market: Internet of Things 2017” report, and you get the impression that the Internet of Things has exploded over the past year. Check out the breathless executive summary: In our view, 2016 was the year IoT gained significant momentum in the enterprise. In 2017, it is clear there is […]

Verizon’s video throttling could frustrate consumers and enterprises

Video Mobile

In a world where more videos are being watched on mobile devices than ever before, Verizon’s announcement that it will begin throttling mobile videos looms as a huge step back for consumers — and enterprises. The mobile carrier is now setting a maximum resolution of 480p for mobile phones and 720p for tablets. Verizon’s video […]

FEMA, telecoms rush to fill communications gap in wake of Harvey

Telecom Workers

One of the biggest obstacles to disaster recovery following a devastating storm such as Hurricane Harvey is communications failures. Downed power lines, toppled wireless towers, and flooded communications facilities caused by punishing winds, rain, and flooding make rescue efforts exponentially more difficult and hazardous, frequently leaving residents and disaster response professionals unable to convey vital […]