What’s the difference between containers and virtual machines?


I was at a conference recently when I realized the person I was talking with thought that containers were just smaller versions of virtual machines (VM). Ah, no. No, they’re not. Yes, they can function in the same ways from a practical viewpoint. For example, they’re both commonly used to run server applications. How they […]

Exploring Infrastructure as a Service offering for Azure virtual machines

This CSC blog post is the second of three entries about using Microsoft cloud for your IT infrastructure. (You can find the first one here.) This series covers storage platform, networking and compute aspects of the cloud platform. In this article we are talking about Azure Compute resources and, more specifically, about Infrastructure as a […]

Breaches in virtualized systems costlier, survey finds

According to a recent survey by Kaspersky Lab, enterprises pay much more for incident-related costs in virtualized environments when compared to physical environments. According to the survey, enterprises pay about $800,000 on average in breach recovery in those environments, compared to about half that in physical systems. The survey of 5,500 companies, 2015 Security of Virtual […]

Docker comes to Microsoft Azure

As expected, container technology, especially Docker, has become hotter than ever in clouds. What you might not have expected was for Microsoft to adopt Docker for Azure. Well, surprise! They have. First, a little background. Clouds are built on virtual machine (VM) hypervisors such as Hyper-V, KVM, and Xen. While you can run multiple VMs […]