DXC Cares: Employees support child hospice in Germany

Continuing our DXC Cares stories, this one is from employees at DXC Technology in Germany, who raised money to increase the quality of life for critically ill children. Read their inspirational story. Child hospice is of increasing importance and our employees wanted to help those in need. So DXC Technology in Germany got to work, […]

DXC Cares: Rescuing abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico


Continuing our DXC Cares stories, this one is from Frances Meléndez, who rescues and nurtures abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico. Read her inspirational story. I ask myself, “How can you not get involved?” Caring for the forgotten animal population in Puerto Rico is part of my nature; helping the animals that don’t have a voice […]

DXC Cares: Promoting digital literacy among India’s youth

India youth

Continuing our DXC Cares stories, this one by Lydia Touthang is about bettering our future by investing in our children. Read her inspirational story. People say, “Our children are our future.” But for our children to become our future, it’s important that they have the tools they need to shape it. One of the many […]

DXC Cares: DXC Vietnam visits disadvantaged children on Children’s Day 2017

Continuing our sharing of DXC Cares stories, this one is about helping disadvantaged children in Vietnam. Read this inspirational story from Trinh Dang, one of the volunteers. On International Children’s Day of Vietnam, June 1, 2017, DXC Vietnam employees visited the children currently being raised at Hung Phuoc Pagoda in Ben Tre (about 120 kilometers […]

DXC Cares: Warm meals and warm hearts

Seema Share a Meal

Continuing our sharing of DXC Cares stories, here is another. This one is from Seema Das, who volunteers her cooking skills, love and time to feed those in need.  Read her inspirational story. My dad once said, “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.” Since […]

DXC Cares: Breast milk for babies in need

Mitch Hospital BW

Continuing our sharing of DXC Cares stories, here is another. This time from Mitchelle Tenorio, who with a team of 20 women came together to work and donate their time to improve the quality of life for hospitalized babies and their families.  Read their inspirational story. Two years ago, when my daughter was a month […]

DXC Cares: Building team players of the future

Matt UK Soccer

As you’ve seen from some of my recent posts, we here at DXC enjoy giving our time and talents to volunteer pursuits. In the coming months, I’m going to share my blog space with some of our great volunteers as part of a program we call DXC Cares. First up is Matt Reynolds, a director […]