DXC Cares: DXCers run and volunteer across Poland

With 29 teams comprised of 146 runners across three cities — Wrocław, Warsaw, and  Łódź — DXC was once again prominently represented at the Poland Business Run, the country’s largest charity relay run. Held in September, the Business Run aims to raise money for prosthetics, rehabilitation and psychological support for people who have lost their […]

Tecnología que ayuda a los refugiados

El último informe de Tendencias Globales publicado por la Agencia de Refugiados de la ONU, ACNUR, asegura que 65,3 millones de personas -o uno de cada 113 habitantes del planeta- han sido desplazados de su hogar por un conflicto armado o persecución, durante 2015. Para ponerlo en perspectiva, estamos hablando de la población completa de […]

Quand la technologie vient en aide aux réfugiés

Selon des chiffres issus du dernier rapport global du Haut-Commissariat des Nations Unies pour les Réfugiés (HCR), 65,3 millions de personnes (soit une personne sur 113) étaient contraintes de s’éloigner de leur foyer pour cause de conflit et de persécutions en 2015. À titre de comparaison cela représente plus de personnes que la population du […]

Using technology to help refugees

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Figures released by the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, in its latest Global Trends report showed that 65.3 million people — or one person in 113 — were displaced from their homes by conflict and persecution in 2015. To put that into perspective, that’s more than the population of the United Kingdom or of Canada, Australia and New Zealand combined. […]

Giving back as a STEM Ambassador

I recently have joined (as part of a team at work) the STEM Ambassadors Programme in the UK, which is funded by the UK Government’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and STEM Ambassadors are people with experience in one or many of these fields who use […]

Why digital inclusion matters to business

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At CSC, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to use and benefit from technology, which is why we make sure that our products and services are as inclusive and accessible as possible. That means designing them to be easy to use, enabling people to personalize their devices to meet a wide range of […]

Leading for success – with pride

This week CSC released its 2016 Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report and 2016 GRI G4 Report. Our Corporate Responsibility (CR) program focuses on delivering against our CR strategy day-to-day. So it’s important to take a step back, reach out to the teams across the globe and collate all that we have achieved together. CSC has a great […]

Lego and techies – a heavenly match

CSC employee building LEGO model

The arrival of a long, thin cardboard box prompted great excitement in the office this week. A small group of colleagues gathered around it, small numbered bags were removed and briefly inspected before it was stowed under a desk. At lunchtime, the box was retrieved and the group hurried off to a nearby meeting room. […]

Do we spend enough time celebrating success?

The cover of CSC's 2015 Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Report

The corporate year is filled with milestones; budget and strategy rounds, board meetings and ratings submissions to name but a few, but for me, nothing is more rewarding than the publication of our annual CR and sustainability report. Immersed in setting and delivering CSC’s CR strategy day-to-day, the report is a wonderful opportunity to take […]

A brighter future for London’s youth

Futureversity students gathered around a table, working on laptops

In the UK, youth unemployment is at its highest rate for 20 years. Around 1-in-5 young people in the UK is not in work, education or training and youth unemployment costs the economy £10 million a day in lost productivity. But it’s not just a problem for the here and now. A host of academic research […]