Why and how to collaborate on Windows 10 app updates

Another large migration of enterprise devices to Windows 10 has begun, and planning/deployment is commencing in most organizations. Many conversations I’ve had on this focus on features, compatibility and readiness for migration.  These are great discussions to have — but the answers need to be enabled by an increasingly weak and fragmented collaboration between IT, Business App Leads, […]

What does 99% app compatibility mean for Windows 10 adopters?

Microsoft has twice published that customers report app compatibility over 99%. For most enterprise clients on Windows 7 today, that number has raised some eyebrows based on their experiences moving away from Windows 7. The 99% claim means that many clients will have fewer difficult apps to resolve compatibility issues. Still, the 1% for some clients could equate to 50 to […]

Understanding the Windows 10 feature release model

As we move to Windows 10 as an industry, we are adjusting to a change in the way Windows gets new features (akin to the old service packs or version updates). Instead of getting a major operating system update every 2 to 3 years, enterprises will now have a choice about how quickly and frequently users get new Windows features. […]

Windows 10 and new device management options

Many organizations are focusing now on Windows 10. The upgrade brings with it new options for managing experiences by enabling an enterprise mobility management (EMM) approach. EMM allows organizations to secure enterprise content on partially managed devices and sits alongside full device management. Within each management approach, there are several device ownership options: Enterprise owned, fully managed Enterprise […]

Windows 10 Secure Boot and the System Management Mode (SMM) BIOS vulnerability

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One of the core features for Windows 10 Enterprise that many businesses are wanting to deploy is Secure Boot. Secure Boot was available in Windows 8 and 8.1, but as many organisations decided to skip those versions, it’s only with Windows 10 that it’s being widely implemented. Secure Boot is, as its name suggests, enables devices […]

Is Apple’s App Store security overrated?

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The prevalent wisdom in the enterprise world is that Android is a prime target of hackers and malware creators because Apple’s iOS mobile operating system and its online App Store are more secure than their counterparts from Google. Maybe it’s time to rethink the prevalent wisdom. A new report by mobile security vendor Appthority concludes: “The […]

Windows 10 journeys: A starter kit

Windows 10 key Paths

In my first post (Windows 10: Mapping your journey), I introduced the idea of  journeys to Windows 10, new journeys that were not an option with previous Windows operating systems. Enterprises thinking about moving to Windows 10 today may be on one of three key paths: Traditional Journey: Upgrading or refreshing to a Windows 10 device with some new […]

Windows 10: Mapping your journey

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For most people thinking about Windows 10, their views are focused on features and how these will help make their world more efficient. For End User Technologists, Windows 10 brings new thoughts: How does Windows 10 fit into my device strategy? How do I manage security? How do I manage user experience? What breaks when I deploy […]