Drones of the future will be smart (and maybe dangerous)


Drones have been around for a few years now, but the truth is their usefulness largely has been limited to providing visual information to users in the form of photos and video captured by their onboard digital cameras. That’s great if you’re a photographer, need to inspect an inaccessible piece of equipment or some farm […]

What will be the next tech inventions we can’t live without?


Google recently celebrated 20 years of existence. Now, two decades really isn’t a lot of time in the big picture. But the world’s most popular search engine — though it’s not the first internet search engine — now is such a part of our daily lives that its very name has been turned into a […]

N is for networks

This post is part of a continuing series, “Digital: from A to Z,” that explores what it means to be “digital” from A to Z, broken down into individual blog posts diving deeper into various subjects. Check back regularly to see continuing posts as I work my way through the alphabet and let me know: What’s […]

Quelques questions à se poser à l’heure de développer des applications pour wearables

Lorsque nous parlons de wearables dans l’entreprise, la plupart d’entre nous pensent immédiatement aux montres connectées- ce qui est compréhensible. Les ventes mondiales de montres connectées devraient se multiplier par plus de deux pour atteindre 66,7 millions en 2017, alors qu’elles étaient de 30,3 millions en 2015, selon une prévision récente de Gartner. Mais l’analyse […]

Qué tener en cuenta al desarrollar aplicaciones para wearables

Cuando hablamos de objetos conectados (wearables) en la empresa, la mayoría piensa inmediatamente en los relojes inteligentes, y es comprensible. Las ventas mundiales de smartwatches alcanzarán las 66,7 millones de unidades en 2017, frente a los 30,3 millones actuales en 2015 (según Gartner), lo que es más del doble en dos años. Pero el análisis […]

Questions to consider when developing apps for wearables

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When we talk about wearables in the enterprise, most of us immediately think about smartwatches — and understandably so. Global sales of smartwatches are expected to more than double to 66.7 million in 2017 from 30.3 million in 2015, according to a recent forecast from Gartner. But Gartner’s breakdown of the wearables market also included a number […]