Fixing the underestimation factor

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So ladies and gents, this blog is going to be a bit more serious. After my last blog, I received feedback about how we ladies keep putting ourselves down and are missing out because of it. I understand our busy jobs may not allow time to work with a mentor — or some of you may not have access to […]

Women (not) in leadership: The underestimation factor

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With women holding only 4.2% of CEO positions  among Fortune 500 companies, one in five seats in the American Congress and about 30% of seats in the UK parliament, I think we can all agree that there continues to be a lack of women in leadership at the highest levels. Often, the biggest blockade to equal representation comes from being underestimated. You know […]

Are women leaders the mothers of transformation?

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My last blog got me thinking about the main characteristics of a transformational leader and how they sound, well, almost motherly. Think about it: When we consider leadership outside the corporate context, surely the greatest leaders in many of our personal lives are our mothers, our caregivers. Where would we be now without all their compassion and hard work, their nagging about […]

What women in IT can learn from Shakespeare

Over the last two years participating in Women in Leadership in CSC, I have met many women from all around the world who love technology. What brings us together is our relationship with technology and a love for what we do: We love to help our clients transform and understand how technology can make a huge difference in their organisations. On International Women’s […]

Why women leaders matter to transformation efforts

What gives companies the leading edge? Research has shown that companies do better with women on the governing boards. But considering that male counterparts are still the majority, what is it that we, as women, can bring to the table to tip the success rate over the edge? I recently read a Psychology Today article that described certain qualities both men and […]

What leadership style do you prefer?

I think we can all agree that there are a number of different leadership styles in the workplace, within families and our social circles. But perhaps the three most discussed and well defined leadership styles are these: transformational, transactional and laissez faire (a bit of French that translates “let them do [it]”). Transactional leaders are target-focused and systematic. They like to streamline processes […]

Is management synonymous with leadership?

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When we hear the term “leader,” our minds instantly turn to our managers, CEOs, executives and other company higher ups. But they’re not the only leaders in our lives. What about our mothers/fathers, guardians, grandparents … friends? The concept of “leadership” usually indicates someone with power and control over another person, and it’s often attached to the workplace. But […]

Finding success as a woman in FinTech

In this post, we introduce readers to Paula Wilson, marketing director at Xchanging, a DXC company. Wilson was recently named to the 2016 Women in FinTech Powerlist, a prestigious list published by Innovate Finance that celebrates the contributions of women in the development of the global FinTech sector. She is responsible for marketing Xchanging’s software business and business […]

Meet DXC’s London Market Modernization Lead

Recently, DXC held a Digital Minds Think Tank, which gathered an elite group of innovative professionals from broker, carrier and associated organisations within the square mile to share ideas and views on how digital technology could trigger positive change within the London Market. Led by Caroline Bedford, London Market Modernisation Lead for DXC, participants listened to a […]

How to add 6 percent to your net margin

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Happy International Women’s Day (IWD). Today, March 8, people around the world are celebrating women’s social, economic, cultural and political achievements. But the day is also being used as a call to action for accelerating gender parity. A long wait for pay parity In 2014, the World Economic Forum released a report that predicted it […]