The changing nature of work

Long anticipated, digital transformation is redefining jobs and roles. Digital technologies have transcended simple process acceleration and are deconstructing our old notions about work and the workplace. Multiple gigs instead of one role Mobile technologies in particular have catalyzed the development of the gig economy. What constitutes a job, who is an employee and how […]

The skepticism maturity model

Bleeding edge technology has always been analogous with a healthy degree of skepticism. In the late 1800s the popular cry, “Get a horse!” greeted almost every automobile that appeared on the roads. Many doubted that television could have ever killed the radio star, as was later popularized in the lyrics of the famous track by […]

Transforming to a digital enterprise

Change is everywhere, it’s accelerating, and most companies today recognize that disruption has come to their industries, fueled by advances in digital technologies and more collaborative outside-in cultures. Indeed, many have already begun a digital transformation to ensure that their business is not left behind. Digital leaders understand, however, that simply implementing certain technologies isn’t […]

Is your job a candidate for automation?

automation in the workforce DXC Blogs

A recent report on automation in the workplace by McKinsey Global Insights (MGI) concludes that “about half of all the activities people are paid to do in the world’s workforce could potentially be automated by adapting currently demonstrated technologies.” And while MGI estimates that fewer than 5% of jobs could be fully automated, the research […]

Why women leaders matter to transformation efforts

What gives companies the leading edge? Research has shown that companies do better with women on the governing boards. But considering that male counterparts are still the majority, what is it that we, as women, can bring to the table to tip the success rate over the edge? I recently read a Psychology Today article that described certain qualities both men and […]

How much would you pay a robot or AI to do your job?

The other day, while working with some awesome and inspiring people, we started thinking about some of the processes that would be done in the future by artificial intelligence or a robot. Thoughts are wonderful things that can take you in all kinds of directions, and my mind started racing to the question of wages, the “who, what, where, when and hows” of […]

Workforce of the future: Are you planning for robots in your team?

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Labour arbitrage has long been a strategy to drive down costs. However this was commonly achieved by offshoring the work to people in other countries that get paid less, what is called low-cost centres. But when robots cost a one-time fee of $15k and can do 3 people’s work, then parsing work to other humans in […]

Big data tips from business school experts

Business schools around the world are integrating big data and analytics training into curriculums to meet growing demand in the enterprise for data-driven decisions and business strategies. Over at BusinessBecause, a website for MBA students and graduates, writer Seb Murray gets B-school leaders and educators to share some of their top data analytics tips. Many of these […]