El trabajo del futuro puede que no tenga lugar físico

La tendencia de disponer de una fuerza de trabajo cada vez más móvil y remota no muestra señales de agotamiento, y los empleados siguen demandando flexibilidad en el lugar y el momento en que cumplen su cometido. Menos de uno de cada tres empleados (32%) – e incluso menos entre los Millennials (27%) – pasaron […]

Championing change with diversity of thought

I’d like to think my nomination for Innovate Finance’s Women in Fintech Power List 2017 had something to do with my work on our Digital Minds programme – championing digital transformation in the London insurance market by encouraging innovation and diversity of thought. I firmly believe that digital transformation in this market depends on cultural […]

Thriving on change through content

Growing up, I was lucky to have had the chance to travel on several occasions. At the age of eleven, I had my first experience leaving the country when my family vacationed in Rome and explored the Greek Isles. In high school, I visited Germany, giving me the opportunity to connect with my family’s roots. […]