The relationship-powered enterprise


In a workplace increasingly filled with intelligent machines, strong interpersonal relationships between actual humans will be critical to an enterprise’s success. That’s according to an organization called the Business Relationship Management Institute (BRMI), which recently unveiled a theory it calls “Relationshipism.” I think the folks at BRMI maybe could have brainstormed a bit longer before […]

Biggest concerns about the workplace of the future


The workplace of the future promises many benefits, including greater location flexibility for workers, better collaboration tools, and “smart” offices. But the workplace of the future will be no utopia, particularly for IT professionals who are responsible for integrating and securing new technologies, enabling employee productivity, and controlling costs. A recent IDG survey of IT […]

Don’t be a victim of “AI washing”


As enterprise interest in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning increases, software vendors are rushing to meet market demand for AI-based solutions. So much so that by 2020, “AI technologies will be virtually pervasive in almost every new software product and service,” according to research and consulting firm Gartner. This might actually be causing problems for […]

Is the workplace watching us?

The workplace of the future is often portrayed as a high-tech nirvana in which smart offices, collaboration tools, brainstorming spaces, “hot” desking, bot assistants and other cool stuff combine to make employees more productive, empowered and satisfied. But they might also be under constant camera surveillance, their every move recorded and analyzed so employers can spot slackers, […]

Workplace of the future still mostly in the future

Many enterprises today are aggressively embracing digital technologies such as mobile apps and collaboration software, as well as workspace strategies, such as desk hoteling and modular spaces, to be more productive and efficient. But a survey report from TECHnalysis Research concludes that “most companies still have work environments, policies and tools rooted in the past.” […]

Will the computer mouse go the way of the rotary phone?

Ever hear stories about how when millennials, as children, were shown old rotary-dial telephones, they would press on the numbers instead of rotating the “dial” clockwise? (I’m not making this up.) Well, not many years from now, you can expect a blank stare from the recent college grads in your department when you sit them down in […]

Productivity and collaboration require the right workplace environments

A growing number of technologies allow enterprise employees to work in ways that seemed inconceivable 10 years ago. Cloud computing, wireless, mobile and other technologies now enable a home-based developer in Europe to collaborate with development teammates at headquarters in the U.S., or a traveling EVP of sales to meet remotely with the marketing team to strategize […]

Good news, human workers (well, for now)

“Automation is happening, and it will bring substantial benefits to businesses and economies worldwide, but it won’t arrive overnight.” That’s according to a new report by McKinsey Global Insights (MGI), which has been conducting ongoing research into automation technologies and their potential effects. The report, “A future that works: Automation, employment, and productivity,” highlights several key […]

‘People science’ and other workplace trends to watch in 2017

A new year may have begun, but enterprises enter 2017 facing an old problem: A shallow talent pool. Glassdoor’s latest report on job trends reveals that, as of April 2016, there were 5.85 million unfilled jobs in the U.S., the most since 2000. Employers are under tremendous pressure to fill these slots, but the shortage […]

The new face of enterprise collaboration

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Just a few weeks ago, Facebook unveiled a cloud-based collaboration platform called “Workplace.” The goal was to challenge Slack, the popular team collaboration tool used in many enterprises, by offering a familiar interface that would make it easier for employees to adopt the app en masse. Not everyone was convinced, however. “Facebook is not seen as […]