The great distractors make the best workers


Good news employers: The workplace is still for working. Sounds obvious, but given the suffusion of mobile devices throughout the workplace, some are still worried otherwise. Social media, made all the more accessible by mobile devices, often gets pegged as “The Great Distractor” but with the most recent launches of Microsoft Teams and Facebook’s Workplace, […]

Is healthcare IT causing a clinician burnout epidemic?


It used to be so easy as a Marcus Welby-era general practitioner or nurse when the most sophisticated technology was the blood pressure cuff. Record keeping was a matter of manila folders with cryptic paper notes and prescription records filed in giant buff-colored cabinets. There was a library of patient x-ray records with a lightbox […]

Pire que le ransomware ? Tout simplement génial…

Si vous ou votre entreprise avez été victimes de l’attaque massive de ransomware (ou « rançongiciel ») qui a récemment secoué l’univers numérique, vous avez peut-être vu, sur votre appareil infecté, un message vous informant que vos données ne seraient déverrouillées qu’après le paiement de 300$ en bitcoin. Les chercheurs ont d’abord pensé que le « logiciel malveillant était […]

Your business skills are valuable to technology companies

This is part 3 in a 3-part series. As promised, this is the third part in my series, “Do technology companies mind if you’re not technical?” The other day I was asked by a colleague if my position in the graduate program was through an IT or computer science degree, and if so did I […]

¿Incluso peor que ransomware? ¡Esto es genial!

Si usted o su empresa han sido víctimas del ataque de ransomware que sacudió el mundo digital hace unos días, es posible que haya visto un mensaje en su dispositivo que le informaba de que sus datos serán desbloqueados después de pagar un rescate de 300 dólares en bitcoins. Los expertos creyeron inicialmente que “este […]

Google Analytics soon will be able to answer voice-based questions


Google Analytics is far and away the most widely used web traffic analytics tool in the world. Large publishing companies, online retailers, technology vendors, bloggers — really, anyone with an interest in measuring the impact and reach of specific online content can easily set up and access a Google Analytics account. But here’s a truth […]

Pushing the boundaries of success in aerospace and defense


When I first arrived at DXC Technology, I had no comprehension of the size and magnitude of the company and all the different sectors that we had a hand in. With no exposure to many of the sectors, I soon found myself tasked with engrossing myself in the aerospace and defense industry. On the surface, […]

La connectivité : un obstacle négligé de l’Internet des objets

Selon un récent sondage, presque toutes les grandes entreprises sont convaincues que leurs projets IoT, existants et planifiés, porteront leurs fruits. Le rapport de la société d’études de marché Vanson Bourne montre que 97% des répondants « connaissent, ou s’attendent à connaître, des bénéfices importants dus au déploiement des technologies IoT » au cours des prochaines années. […]

A rant about corporate mission statements


There are precious few things in my career that I have learned to avoid more than mission statement meetings.  It always shocked me that people actually volunteered for them. It seemed to me that it was the equivalent of prisoners volunteering to do community clean-up patrols to get outside the walls of the prison for […]

Technology companies do want you!

This is part 2 in a 3-part series. As mentioned in my last blog, if we are to become digital leaders, and keep up with the next generation of digital natives, we need to continue investing in our IT skills. For me, that was one of the driving factors in applying for a graduate position […]